agdbusinesservicesvirtualassitantnewsflashVideo is an essential tool to use on your websites and for marketing your company. It shares information about your company, what your services are, and why you can help the visitors to your site. Before you get into adding the video to your site, consider the the message you want to share, how to make a video, and determine if you need the help of a professional.


Audience and The Message

There are always questions to answer before you start learning how to make a video. The basic one is what do you want to say in the video? If the video is providing information, it is pretty straight forward.

First, consider the audience you wish to get information to. This is where your research for the target market comes in. To reach the people that need your  service/product you want to make sure your message is in their language. Ask yourself:

    1. Who are the visitors that are coming to my site?
    2. What do they want to know about my company?
    3. What do they want to know about your services?
    4. How can your company help them?

Second, get their attention. From the open, grab their attention and keep it. Ask a question, tell a story, or even share some statistics. The tone, pitch, and timing of your voice will help them stay with you in the video.

Once it is clear who you are talking to and what you want to say, you are ready to consider how to make the video. We will consider the easiest way to get started with making the video.

How To Make A Video

Since there are many ways to make your video, I will only mention the basics here. The things needed for this is your script, a video camera, and a video host.

The basic steps for creating a video:

    1. Write your script
    2. Shoot and edit your video
    3. Posting it to your site.

When writing the script keep it clear, concise and to the point. One mistake to avoid is to overdue the information. this will lose your viewer and make the video useless. When you shoot the video, consider the background you want in the video, your equipment, music, and audio. The biggest challenge for someone unfamiliar with using this type of media will be transferring it to your PC. One software package that is user friendly is Windows Movie Maker. I would recommend this for editing in that it makes it easy to add effects and audio.

Once the video is edited and passes your critique, posting to the site is your goal. There are considerations to think about like bandwidth and where to host your video if your site doesn’t have that service. There are many free sites to host the video, such as There is also coding involved with HTML tags and script that will need to be added to your site. However, the editor of your website or your webmaster could take care of that for you.

Hire a Professional?

This is where you have decide if the video is getting the response you want or need. I would invite some of your friends or family to view it. See if there is improvement needed, or if you missed the mark completely. If the video is good enough that you are comfortable with it, the video is a winner. Ask the tough questions, did your contacts increase after you added the video or did you have negative reactions?

Another consideration is going to be the budget for your project. I would consult some online production companies to see if they could quote you a price or suggest what you could do next. Video is definitely a must have for marketing your company


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Adding Video to Your Website